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Minka aire light wave review: Review Minka Aire F844-DK, Light Wave 52″ Ceiling Fan

Most people don’t know how to choose the right ceiling fan and they often make mistakes that can lead to reduced comfort and increased energy bills.

Many people think that buying a new ceiling fan is a waste of money, but they are wrong. In fact, if you buy the wrong ceiling fan, it can actually lead to decreased comfort and increased energy bills.

The Minka aire light wave is the perfect ceiling fan for anyone looking for quality, performance and style. With its unique design and premium materials, this fan is sure to keep you comfortable year-round while saving money on energy bills.
In this article, Toby Nwazor will provide Minka Aire light wave review, specifically Minka Aire F844-DK, Light Wave 52″ Ceiling Fan.

minka aire light wave review
minka aire light wave review



Minka Aire light wave review

Minka Aire light wave review
Minka Aire light wave review


  • 3 propellers and complete accessories
  • 1 Wiring set including connecting devices
  • 1 Ceiling mount with full accessories
  • 1 full set of lights included
  • 1 ceiling fan motor
  • 1 Remote Control
  • 1 Manual

Reviews Minka Aire F844-DK, Light Wave 52″ Ceiling Fan

Review Minka Aire F844-DK, Light Wave 52" Ceiling Fan
minka aire light wave review

Product Name: Minka Aire F844-DK, Light Wave 52" Ceiling Fan

Product Description: The highlight of Minka-Light Aire's Wave Collection is this LED Light Wave Ceiling Fan in Distressed Koa. In addition to bringing sleekness and adaptability to any living area, it can easily circulate the air around any room thanks to its contemporary appearance and distinctive 52-inch blade design. Its integrated dimmable LED lights offer an effective, yet delicate look and do away with the hassle of changing bulbs. The Minka-Aire Light Wave is the ideal fan if you want a quiet, simple installation process, and a stylish addition for your house. You'll find the amount of comfort this fan can offer to be unmatched, regardless of the season. With the extra purchase of BD-1000, this WiFi-capable ceiling fan powered by Bond technology may be connected to the internet.

Brand: Minka Aire


  • Quality
  • Design
  • Setting
  • Noise levels
  • Price

Reviews by Toby Nwazor

Design style

The Minka-Aire Light Wave Ceiling Fan is a truly unique design inspired by the graceful and tubular wave shape of the ocean. Fans not only efficiently move air through every room, but at the same time add sleekness and versatility to any living space.

This product line is manufactured by the company with 4 different colors including Distressed Koa, Coal, Silver, and White. However, in this article, I choose for you the Distressed Koa fan because I find this color quite easy to coordinate with any interior style. In addition, it looks quite classic but still modern today.

Size F844-DK, Light Wave 52″ Ceiling Fan

The product measures 10.5″ D x 10.5″ Width x 13.5″ H, the exact height of the fan is 13.75” from the ceiling to the lowest point of the fan with the 6 inch propeller going Included. Ceiling Fan This unique style has a sweeping blade diameter of 52” with interchangeable Blades.I think with this size, the fan is very suitable when installed in the bedroom, living room area. or dining room.

Propeller review

Minka-Aire F844-DK has 3 blades that can be replaced by the included 6″ propeller. The main purpose of these blades is to increase air circulation and create a cooling effect. You will feel comfortable. than when sitting in the room, even if it is hot outside.

48 Degree blade pitch optimizes air flow. Ensure the most comfortable space for you with air flow capacity reaching 3068 cubic feet per minute.

In addition, the fan is designed with high-quality wood material, which looks extremely luxurious, while increasing its durability, reducing the ability to stick, avoiding warping or broken wings after a period of operation.

Another advantage of the propellers is the ability to reverse, allowing you to use it in both summer and winter.

Ceiling mount review

This ceiling fan needs to be installed on a flat ceiling. The product includes all necessary accessories for installation. You can refer to the included manual for more detailed instructions.

In general, the installation process is not too difficult, you just need to carefully follow the instructions. The ceiling mount is made of high-quality metal that is very sturdy with high bearing capacity. So rest assured!

Controller Type Reviews

This ceiling fan uses a standard wall switch and is also compatible with many remote controls on the market. It works great, allowing you to control both the light and the propeller speed at will without having to get up.

The RCS213 controller has 3 different speeds low – medium – high to help you find the most comfortable space in any situation.

In addition, the controller is designed to be very user-friendly, even small children can easily use it.

In addition, this ceiling fan is Wi-Fi compatible with Bond technology, allowing you to connect this unit via Wi-Fi with the purchase of an additional BD-1000. Quick and easy setup; Simply download the Bond App to your smartphone (available for iOS and Android), the Bond hub connects to your internet WiFi network. Additional drivers available for full integration with other systems include; SmartThings, Control4, ELAN, Hubitat, and more

Review of ceiling fan lights

The Light Wave Ceiling Fan includes a built-in 16 Watt Dimmable LED Light Module in white Opal glass for a soft yet effective visual aesthetic that eliminates the hassle of replacing bulbs .

The LEDs are very bright and can light up an entire room. You can adjust the brightness level to create different atmospheres in the room according to your needs. It will be very romantic when you set it to the lowest brightness to create a warm and intimate space.

Additionally, LEDs have a very long lifespan, saving you both time and money in the long run.

Ceiling fan motor efficiency

This ceiling fan uses a very powerful induction AC motor but still operates quietly and efficiently. The blades rotate at 171 RPM, creating strong airflow while maintaining low noise levels.

Moreover, the use of induction AC motor also makes this ceiling fan very energy efficient, saving you both money and the environment.

Is the fan used indoors or outdoors?

This ceiling fan is designed for indoor use only.


This ceiling fan has received many prestigious certifications such as Energy Star Certified, ADA Compliant, Dark Sky Compliant, California Title 24 Compliant. So you can be assured of its safety and quality.

Review of the price

The retail price of this ceiling fan is $359 – $429. However, you can find it on sale for less with today’s deals.

Objectively, if you compare this product with other product lines of the same level, quality and features as Progress Lighting P2586-8130K Protruding Mount, 6 Walnut/Driftwood Blades Ceiling fan or KICHLER 300365SBK Protruding Mount, 3 walnut Blades Ceiling fan, I think this is still a bargain for you.

Over rating of F844-DK, Light Wave 52″ Ceiling Fan

Minka Aire F844-DK is an excellent ceiling fan with many outstanding features that I mentioned above. It is very suitable for those who are looking for a ceiling fan to install in their homes.

It is not only aesthetically pleasing but also very functional, providing you with the most comfortable space all year round.

I highly recommend this product!


  • Quiet and efficient AC motor
  • Energy Star Certified, ADA Compliant, Dark Sky Compliant, California Title 24 Compliant
  • Built-in dimmable LED light
  • 3 speed settings
  • Wi-Fi compatible with Bond technology
  • Easy to install
  • Outstanding design, beautiful
  • Energy saving
  • Efficient, quiet operation
  • Create good air flow
  • Convenient remote control, easy to use


  • Some people complain that the lights will randomly turn on with white light – many people don’t like this light.

How do you install a Minka Aire Light Wave fan?

The Minka Aire Light Wave fan is very easy to install. The only thing you need to do is follow the instructions in the installation manual. You can also find helpful video tutorials online if you need more guidance.

Additionally, the Bond technology allows you to connect this unit via Wi-Fi with the purchase of an additional BD-1000. This will enable you to control the ceiling fan with your smartphone.

A simple and convenient way to clean ceiling fans

To clean your Minka Aire Light Wave ceiling fan, you can use a damp cloth to wipe down the blades. If you need to deep clean the unit, you can remove the blades and wash them with soapy water.

Make sure to dry the blades thoroughly before reattaching them. It is also important to keep the area around the ceiling fan clean and free of dust to ensure optimal airflow.

F844-DK, Light Wave 52″ Ceiling Fan is Minka Aire’s most chosen product ?

Minka Aire’s Light Wave 52″ Ceiling Fan is one of their most popular products. This is due to its many features and benefits that make it a great choice for any home.

Additionally, the sleek and modern design of this unit will complement any space. If you are looking for a ceiling fan that is both stylish and functional, the Minka Aire Light Wave is a great option.


Minka Aire has a great reputation in the industry for making quality, durable fans. The Light Wave is no exception. It’s stylish, efficient and quiet – perfect for any modern space. We highly recommend this fan! If you’re looking for a top-quality ceiling fan that will last for years, the Minka Aire Light Wave is an excellent choice. Thanks for reading our review!

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