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List of alternatives to ceiling fans in the bedroom and outstanding advantages of ceiling fans

 In the summer, it’s hard to be comfortable without a ceiling fan in the bedroom. There are now several types of fans and devices that can replace ceiling fans to help your bedroom add air circulation and create a cool breeze. Toby Nwazor will offer alternatives to ceiling fan in the bedroom products to better suit your needs. With a little research, the article on the website will also show the outstanding advantages of ceiling fan that no other device can do.

Install a ceiling fan in the bedroom

Modern ceiling fan in the bedroom

A ceiling fan in a modern bedroom

Ceiling fan with yellow led light

The bedroom is the space that brings privacy, lightness and a relaxing place to have a good night’s sleep after a long tiring day at work. The yellow light from the ceiling fan with the main light is a versatile device suitable for installation in the bedroom.

Ceiling fan with wooden wings

With a large bedroom space and high ceilings, wooden ceiling fans will often be a good choice. Not only bringing a highlight to the whole space, wooden ceiling fans are very good for health and give users a good night’s sleep.

Short blade ceiling fan for small area bedroom

While most personal bedrooms are modest in size, a short-bladed ceiling fan with blade diameters from 1.12 to 1.22 meters is reasonable. Thus consuming less power, good cooling does not create a feeling of fit and harmony.

Minimalist decorative ceiling fan

The ceiling fan models usually have a number of colors to choose from such as yellow, ivory white … very gentle and delicate. Elegant lines are suitable for modern bedroom space with minimalist and neat furniture.

How to choose ceiling fan for the bedroom.

Choose a ceiling fan compatible with the area of ​​​​the room

This is considered an important factor in choosing a ceiling fan for the bedroom. You should pay attention to whether your family’s bedroom has high or low ceilings.

Bedrooms with high ceilings usually have a distance from the floor to the ceiling of 3 meters or more. You can choose ceiling fans with a length of about 30-45 cm.

In contrast, for bedrooms with low ceilings, the distance from the floor to the ceiling is less than 3 meters. Besides, for low ceilings you can also use ceiling fans, box ceiling fans, etc.

Choose a ceiling fan smart features

If you have the conditions, use products with superiority to make it more convenient for you. Choosing air conditioners with remote control will help users quickly turn on and off the product, or increase the wind speed.

Besides, some new generation ceiling fans also integrate different utility modes. Specifically, reverse the fan, change the cooling mode to warm to use the ceiling fan for the bedroom in winter.

Choose from ceiling fans with different levels of wind

For users to easily adjust and use other wind levels, you should also consider ceiling fans with multiple levels of wind. Especially for the bedroom, regulating the air in the room is extremely important. This determines the comfort for you and your family.

Besides, the ceiling fan can adjust the wind speed and also helps the family save well on electricity costs.

Ceiling fans with built-in lights

To maximize the space of the room, you should use ceiling fans for bedrooms with built-in lights. In addition, the use of ceiling fans with lights makes your room much more cozy, luxurious and modern.

Compare ceiling fans with some alternative devices  

Alternatives to ceiling fans in the bedroom

Tower fan and bladeless model with ceiling fan



Since you can choose from a variety of tower fan options, it’s pretty easy to find one that fits your price point.

The ability to give off the wind

The tower fan or bladeless fan with remote control can easily be controlled from anywhere in your home. Users can easily control the fan operating speed and the amount of air moving.


There aren’t any safety concerns for tower fans, as all blades are safely encased inside the unit. This means that kids won’t be able to accidentally put their fingers in the fan and injure them on the fan blades.


Tower fans can be easily fitted into smaller or more cramped areas of your home. They look great when placed in a corner and don’t take up space.



While most tower fans are relatively quiet, some models are noisier than pedestal fans, so it’s important to do your research before making a purchase.

Direction adjustment

These fans cannot adjust the airflow up and down or from side to side, making it difficult to control exactly which area of ​​the room.

Central air conditioning with ceiling fan


  • Central air conditioning is an extremely efficient way to circulate indoor air and cool your entire home.
  • These systems offer incredible air filtration that will do a great job of removing dust and debris from the air. So when you turn on the ceiling fan, there will be no dust flying.


  • Unfortunately, the installation of central air conditioning units is quite expensive and you need to hire a professional to do the work for you.
  • These coolers are the most expensive option on the market because they are designed to cool your entire home, not just the room you are in.
  • If your air conditioner breaks down, professional repair will be much more expensive than a ceiling fan.

Standing fan with ceiling fan


  • It’s easy to control your airflow and direction. You can tilt the fan head up and down and side to side, choose to blow cool air and turn it on.
  • Ability to adjust fan speed, easy to control the way the air circulates
  • Larger fan blades should be able to circulate air in a very large space.


  • They are not ideal for use in small spaces.
  • Standing fans don’t improve the air quality in your home, they just make them cooler.
  • Any dust on the fan blades can spread throughout the room when the fan is turned on.

Due to their height, they are very susceptible to being knocked over, which can be dangerous for children.

Box and table fans with ceiling fan


  • These lightweight fans can be moved from room to room when you want to cool a specific area of ​​your home.
  • They can be used at the window as a window fan and will help ventilate the bedroom.
  • By placing ice or cold water in front of the box fan, you can ensure that the fan is blowing cold air throughout the bedroom.
  • Box fans and table fans are relatively cheap, and it’s easy to buy both ceiling fans to use at the same time.


  • They are not ideal for use in windows as they are not designed with the right shape. This means dust, pollen, and bugs can all get into your home.
  • It’s not easy to adjust exactly where the air will blow, and since the fan doesn’t tip over, you won’t be able to enjoy the cool air blowing throughout the bedroom.

Three most prominent alternative to ceiling fan

Advantages of ventilation fans over ceiling fans

Air circulation for the room

Using a ventilation fan helps to provide fresh air to the bedroom, helping the room to exchange oxygen better. The bedroom ventilation hole also helps the bedroom to release mold, push hot air from the inside out, filter out dirt and draw fresh air from outside into the room.

Limit bacteria

The exhaust fan will help the bedroom limit the opportunity to multiply and develop disease-causing bacteria that affect human health. Installing a ventilation fan also helps your body avoid insomnia, brings good sleep and a positive mood.

Helps prevent suffocation in closed rooms

On hot or humid days, the air conditioner is the “savior” in your bedroom. With specific use, when the air conditioner is turned on, all room doors must be closed, the amount of air cannot circulate and the amount of oxygen in the room is very little. Especially when designing a small bedroom for children, the ventilation fan has a great use in oxygen exchange, bringing a good and deep sleep.

Therefore, if people stay in the room for too long, especially when sleeping, it is easy to suffocate due to lack of oxygen to the body. This makes you not sleep well, heavy head and tired. Respiratory and cardiovascular diseases are also common. This long-term condition will easily make the body weak, reduce memory and increase the risk of stroke.

The ventilation fan installed in the bedroom can solve all of the above problems thanks to its ability to draw toxic gasses out, exchange oxygen and circulate air. Installing a ventilation fan in the bedroom both protects the health of the family and protects the area because the air conditioner will work better.

Advantages of air conditioning fan over ceiling fans

Air conditioning fan or commonly known by another name is a steam fan. The fan cools the surrounding air with steam or ice. Because of that, this product has a different cooling mechanism than normal fans and gas-powered air conditioners.


Air conditioning fans can be used in many different spaces, easier to move than ceiling fans

Save time

The air conditioner fan can be used directly when purchased. As for the ceiling fan, you need to install it to use it.

No dry skin

Most air conditioning fan products are designed with an additional steam cooling mode, so it does not dry the skin. Combined with a ceiling fan, it will regulate the air, making the room more cool.

About the price

Many models of air conditioner fans are priced at the same price as ceiling fans, a big advantage.

Add-ons included

Ion and ozone generation settings to clean the atmosphere and sleep wind mode protect your health at bedtime. When turning on more ceiling fans will help cool breeze gently.

Noise level

With air conditioner fans, even with large capacity, they do not create noise that affects users.

Advantages of air filter fan over ceiling fans

The air filter fan is a versatile device that is both capable of generating cooling wind like conventional electric fans. The great application of this product is the reason to convince customers that why buy an air purifier fan for families with the elderly and children.

Air purifier

The air filter fan has a cooling function and is integrated with dust filtering, air cleaning, reducing coarse dust, and bringing a fresh and fresh living space. Ceiling fans can’t do this.

Allergy filter

Eliminating allergens such as pollen, pet dander, help protect the health of the whole family.

Filter bacteria

Removes mold, bacteria and viruses often. The air purifier fan has the ability to filter bacteria up to 99%, providing a safe source of air.

Odor filter

Removes stubborn odors such as food, tobacco, and dust from the outside. When you turn on the ceiling fan, it will help the smell of food go away faster.

Reduce dryness

Reduce static electricity on skin and clothes in winter and help prevent skin from drying out thanks to modern humidification technology.

Catching Insects

Some lines of air purifier fans also have the ability to effectively catch mosquitoes, helping to avoid infections caused by mosquito bites.

Outstanding advantages of ceiling fans for bedrooms.

The most notable benefits of ceiling fans

Beneficial for the user’s health

Air conditioners have become indispensable items in every family on hot summer days. However, the air conditioner dries out the skin, so health care professionals recommend using the air conditioner and fan in parallel. This helps the air in the room to circulate, more airy for occupants.

Save space for the home

Most of the bedrooms in each family are not too spacious. The use of a tree fan, a desk fan will take up more space to use. Even the bedroom will look much narrower when using a tree fan. Therefore, the use of a ceiling fan for the bedroom is the most appropriate choice on hot summer days.

Energy saving

The combination of use with the air conditioner will also help the air conditioner reduce power consumption. Because the cooling ceiling fan will regulate the room temperature, helping the air conditioner not be overloaded.

Location of the device alternative to ceiling fan in bedroom

Location of the device alternative to ceiling fan in bedroom

Installing a 2-way bedroom ventilation fan in the right position will bring many benefits to users, limit energy waste for air conditioning and bring the best efficiency. The combination of devices together must choose the most reasonable location.

For air-conditioned bedroom

Ventilation fans are installed opposite the air conditioner and have a minimum height with the air conditioner. If installed lower than the air conditioner, it will cause the fan to suck all the cold air out, causing the air conditioner to work harder, leading to energy consumption.

You can install a ceiling fan 30-45 degrees away from the air conditioner. This will help when the air conditioner is on, the exhaust and ceiling fans do not produce dry air.

Similarly, with the air conditioner fan and the air fan should be directed to the left or right side of the air conditioner. Because if placed in parallel or opposite, when turning on the air conditioner, it will dissipate the wind.

For bedroom without air conditioning

You should install the ventilation fan in a hidden location in the room where the fan cannot reach or places far from doors and windows. The ideal height to install the exhaust fan is about 30-40 cm from the ceiling because that is the area where the most hot and humid air accumulates and sucks in.

As for the air conditioner fan, the air fan should be placed in the most windless place in the room. Thus, when combined with a ceiling fan, the room will be airy.

F.A.Q: Alternative to ceiling fan in bedroom

How to save electricity when using ceiling fan alternatives?

For example, if your family uses a combination of ceiling fans and air conditioners, the room will quickly achieve the desired coolness. The cooling time of the air conditioner will be reduced, resulting in a much lower power consumption of the air conditioner. At this point, you just need to turn on the air conditioner at 28 degrees and turn on the fan at a light level to create the perfect amount of cool wind. Thereby helping you save a significant amount of budget in electricity bills.

 Should ceiling fans be used in combination with conventional fans?

The answer is yes. You should use the product in combination with the ceiling fan to keep the air in the room ventilated and limit dry and humid air.

Is there any note when using fans instead of ceiling fans?

Before choosing the replacement ceiling fan to install in the bedroom, there are a few things to keep in mind. You need to see the height of the ceiling, small or large space, the style of the bedroom. In addition, you can prioritize smart devices and have multiple levels of wind to save energy consumption of the whole family.

Should the ceiling fan be removed when there are more replacement devices in the bedroom?

You should not put down the ceiling fan, because it is not always possible to use an air conditioner, an air fan due to health or a normal fan due to heat. You should combine the use of a ceiling fan to reduce hot wind in the bedroom.


We have compiled a list of appliances that may both be used in place of ceiling fans and in addition to them. I hope the facts I’ve provided will aid in your decision-making for your bedroom.

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