Hunter Apex II ceiling fan review: Reviews Hunter Apex 54″ Contemporary Design in Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

Hunter has come out with a new ceiling fan called the Apex II. It is supposed to be an energy efficient fan that can save you money on your electric bill.

While many people are excited about the new Hunter Apex II, there are also some who are skeptical. Some people have complained that it is not very energy efficient, and others have said that it is too loud.

We wanted to find out for ourselves if the Hunter Apex II was really as good as they say, so we did a thorough review of the fan. After testing it in several different settings, we came to the conclusion that it is a great fan and definitely worth buying.

In this post, Toby Nwazor will share “Hunter Apex II ceiling fan review: Reviews Hunter Apex 54″ Contemporary Design in Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan” and provide more related knowledge. Let’s find out together!

Hunter Apex II ceiling fan review
Hunter Apex II ceiling fan review



Hunter Apex II ceiling fan review

Hunter Apex II ceiling fan review
Hunter Apex II ceiling fan review


  • 5 propellers and complete accessories
  • 1 Wiring set including connecting devices
  • 1 Ceiling mount with full accessories
  • 1 full set of lights included
  • 1 ceiling fan motor
  • 1 Remote Control
  • 1 Manual

Reviews Hunter Apex 54″ Contemporary Design in Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

Reviews Hunter Apex 54" Contemporary Design in Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan
Hunter Apex II ceiling fan review

Product Name: Hunter Apex 54" Contemporary Design in Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

Product Description: The remote-controlled Apex II ceiling fan is a contemporary interpretation of the classic ceiling fan style. The energy-efficient LED light and fan speed can be easily adjusted from anywhere in the room with the portable remote designed for your spacious bedrooms and living areas. The WhisperWind® motor, which has three speeds and produces ultra-powerful air movement and whisper-quiet performance for cooling power without the noise, is a feature of the Apex contemporary ceiling fan.

Brand: Hunter

SKU: B074825HPP

  • Quality
  • Design
  • Setting
  • Noise levels
  • Air Flow

Reviews by Toby Nwazor

Design style and main color

The fan has a modern design with a touch of tradition, I think this design will match perfectly with the modern interior design of your home.

The fan consists of 5 warm gray oak/bleached pine blades that work well together with a premium-looking nickel brushed motor, and matte white bulbs. This perfect combination creates a luxurious, expensive look.

I think you will love this fan’s design and color gamut.

Size Hunter Apex 54″ Contemporary Ceiling Fan

The fan size is 54″ with a blade length of 22.75 inches each, a total diameter of 54 inches and a conductor of 78.74 inches. This size is considered average for a ceiling fan.

Hunter Apex modern ceiling fans are designed to fit ceilings 8 feet or more, but can be installed on ceilings as low as 7 feet with the use of the included 2-inch lens.

Propeller review

The 5-blade ceiling fan in warm gray oak / bleached pine is designed to move a lot of air. The shape of the blades is very aerodynamic, so it helps the blades push more air. Specifically, the fan is optimized with a 13-degree blade tip to ensure ideal air movement and top performance.

They are also very well balanced so as not to make any noise when they are moving.

The material of the fan blades is also one of the reasons why this ceiling fan is so durable.

In addition, 5 blades also have the ability to reverse to help you use the fan in both winter and summer. Maximize energy costs.

Ceiling fan holder

The ceiling mount is very sturdy and easy to install. It comes with all the necessary hardware and a detailed instruction manual.

Additionally, the fan includes an Installer’s Choice® three-position mounting system allowing for standard, low-mount or corner mounting. I think this is the outstanding advantage of Hunter fan products

You shouldn’t have any problems installing it yourself, but if you run into problems, you can always contact customer service for help.

They are very responsive and will be happy to assist you with any installation issues.

Controller Type Reviews

The remote control that comes with this ceiling fan is very easy to use. It has 3 buttons for the light, fan speed, and power.

You can also use the remote to turn on the timer function, which will turn the fan off after 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours.

The remote also has a battery indicator so you know when it needs to be replaced.

Review of ceiling fan lights

The light in this ceiling fan includes 2 very energy efficient 9W LED bulbs, giving you control over the surroundings of your space. It produces a lot of light without using a lot of energy.

You can also dim the lights to create a softer atmosphere in the room.

The lamp has a color temperature of 2700K, which is warm white light.

I really like the bulb of this fan. LED luminaires offer lower energy consumption, brighter light and longer life than traditional bulbs.

Ceiling fan motor efficiency

The motor of this ceiling fan is called the WhisperWind motor. It features 3 reversible speeds that deliver extreme air movement with quiet performance so you get the cooling you want without annoying noise.

You won’t even know it’s on unless you’re standing right next to it.

The motor is also very energy efficient, it’s Energy Star certified so it won’t add to your electricity bill.

Is the fan used indoors or outdoors?

The fan is recommended for use indoors.


The fan is UL and Energy Star certified, which means it has been tested for safety and quality, as well as for its energy efficiency.

Review of the price

The price of this ceiling fan is around $166. I think this is too cheap for a quality and effective product. Compared with similar product lines like Minka-Aire F844-MP Light Wave 52 inch Ceiling Fan or Design House 154070 Ironwood 2 Light Ceiling Fan 52″, Satin Nickel, Hunter Apex II ceiling fan is still a great gift for for you.

Over rating of Hunter Apex 54″ Contemporary Ceiling Fan

In general, I am very satisfied with the quality, design and performance of the Hunter Apex II ceiling fan.

The only thing I don’t like is that the light is not as bright as I would like it to be. But it’s not a big deal because you can always use a higher wattage bulb if you need more light.


  • The fan is very quiet and efficient
  • The light is bright and energy efficient
  • The design is modern and sleek
  • The price is very reasonable
  • Easy to install
  • Reversing motor


  • The light could be brighter

How do I install a hunter Apex 2 ceiling fan?

The Apex II ceiling fan is designed to be installed by a qualified electrician. However, if you are comfortable working with electricity and have some basic handyman skills, you should be able to install the fan yourself.

1. Begin by reading the instruction manual that comes with your ceiling fan. This will give you a good understanding of the installation process and help you familiarize yourself with the parts of the fan.

2. Turn off the power to the room where you will be installing the fan. This is a very important safety step, so do not skip it!

3. Use a stud finder to locate the ceiling joists in the room. You will need to attach the fan mounting bracket to these joists.

4. Mark the position of the ceiling joists on the wall so you know where to drill pilot holes for the screws.

5. Drill pilot holes in the marked positions and screw the mounting bracket into place.

6. Hang the fan motor from the mounting bracket and secure it with the provided screws.

7. Attach the fan blades to the motor. Make sure that each blade is securely in place before moving on to the next one.

8. Once all the blades are attached, you can install the light kit, if your model includes one.

9. Finally, turn on the power to the room and test your new ceiling fan!

How do I clean the fan?

To clean your Apex II ceiling fan, simply wipe down the blades with a damp cloth. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners, as these can damage the finish of the blades. If your fan includes a light kit, you can clean the glass shades with a glass cleaner and a soft cloth.

Is Apex 2 Hunter’s Best Ceiling Fan?

The Apex II is a great ceiling fan, but it is not necessarily Hunter’s best model. Some other popular Hunter ceiling fans include the Windemere, the Sontera, and the Newsome. All of these models offer different features and benefits, so it really depends on your personal needs and preferences as to which one is best for you.


The Hunter Apex II ceiling fan is a great option for anyone looking for an affordable, high-quality ceiling fan. This fan is well-made and easy to install, and it provides plenty of airflow to keep you cool during the summer months. Thanks to its versatile design, the Hunter Apex II can be used in both homes and businesses alike. If you’re looking for a new ceiling fan, I highly recommend giving the Hunter Apex II a try.

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