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How to stop ceiling fans from humming?Tips to prevent ceiling fan noise

Ceiling fans are one of the most commonly found furniture in all households because of their convenience as both a great decoration and as an air conditioner roof. but for some reason they become noisy

how to stop ceiling fans from humming?
how to stop ceiling fans from humming?

From web, Toby Nazor will explore How to stop ceiling fans from humming?and Tips to prevent ceiling fan noise to suggest a reasonable fix

What Could Be Causing the Hum Coming From My Ceiling Fan?

What Could Be Causing the Hum Coming From My Ceiling Fan?
What Could Be Causing the Hum Coming From My Ceiling Fan?

Fan control receiver

If your ceiling fan has a control system that includes a receiver, a faulty receiver can cause a humming noise. Check that you are using a control system that is compatible with your specific fan model

Due to dust

The motor has not been cleaned for a long time to clean the dust, so the operating parts are no longer smooth

Due to running out of lubricating oil

Make the engine stuck

Check engine mount

There are many brackets that do not meet the vibration needs of the motor or it is too old, choose a bracket that is suitable for the weight and size of the fan.

Defective dimmer

Dimmable switches often produce a noisy electrical sound.

Missing screw

This is a high cause of noise because it encourages unstable internal components

There is an Error in the Speed Settings.

One possibility is that there is an error in the speed settings. If the fan is set to run at a higher speed than it is rated for, it can cause the motor to overheat and make a humming noise.

The Nuts and Bolts Are Loose.

Another possibility is that the nuts and bolts holding the fan together are loose. This can cause the fan to vibrate and make a humming noise.

Because There Is Not Sufficient Lubrication

The blades of the ceiling fan need to be lubricated in order to run smoothly. The bearings in the motor may also need to be lubricated.

If they are not properly lubricated, they can make a humming noise.

Installation is not ready

Sometimes the mount is to blame for the buzzing sound coming from the ceiling fan. It’s possible for loose screws or other bits and pieces of the fan to get lodged within the mounting box.

They have the potential to move about and make an obnoxious rattling noise while the fan is running.


If the blades of the ceiling fan are not properly balanced, it can cause the fan to wobble and make a humming noise. The blades may need to be tightened or loosened in order to achieve the proper balance.

Tips to prevent ceiling fan noise

Tips to prevent ceiling fan noise
Tips to prevent ceiling fan noise

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your fan is the best way to ensure your ceiling fan’s safety and your own safety.

Set time hook:

Maintenance every 3 months

  • Refilling oil
  • Check the screw
  • Check the light bulb
  • Check the wings for sagging
  • Check electrical equipment, circuit breakers, switches….

It is recommended to clean the fan once a month if you have time, as often as possible

Reduction of Ceiling Fan Noise by Serrated Trailing Edge


How to stop ceiling fans from humming?

How to stop ceiling fans from humming?
How to stop ceiling fans from humming?

Please turn off the power before checking, check all again and determine the cause to come up with a fix by yourself

Caused by dust

With all your skills, you can use special cleaning cloths or vacuum cleaners without removing them.

If removing ceiling fans, for the convenience of cleaning, make sure to reinstall them properly

The right way to clean the ceiling fan is the factor that ensures the ceiling fan is always clean and increases the durability of your ceiling fan.

Due to running out of lubricating oil

All ceiling fans usually have holes in them, make sure they’re fine

The engine bracket is misaligned or out of place

Or recalibrate them if you know their standards, otherwise ask someone who knows about it or ask a service center near you.

Broken dimmer

Replace the led lights in the ceiling fan, use a tool to remove the cover of the light box, turn it anticlockwise to remove them and install a new light bulb in the opposite direction, finally fill the box to make sure.

Receiver for fan control is not compatible

Check if you are using a control system compatible with your specific fan model

If not, please complain to the manufacturer or replace them to be more suitable

Loose or missing nuts and bolts

Double check each place regarding nuts and bolts tighten them


Find out where the damage is, bend it, correct it or replace the old and unrepairable blades.

Note: aligning the ceiling fan is sometimes difficult for many of you who do not know it, you can ask for more help from the service center.

Engine cause

Check to see if it’s got dust or debris stuck in it
If the motor is too old, you should replace it if possible or seek professional help

All done, double check again and then use them

F.A.Q How to stop ceiling fans from humming

Why is my ceiling fan generating a buzzing noise?

The vibration of the motor in a ceiling fan is often what causes the hum heard from the fan, and the mount, housing, and blades of the fan all contribute to the overall loudness of the noise. There are components in many contemporary fans that muffle the hum, but there are also instances when these pieces break.

How can I get rid of the buzzing sound that a ceiling fan makes while it is operating on an inverter?

However, if the buzzing sound is making you feel uneasy, you may want to consider upgrading your current inverter to one that has a higher quality and is closer to producing a sinusoidal supply of alternating current (AC). The noise from the ceiling fan will be reduced but cannot be eliminated entirely.

Can I lubricate a ceiling fan?

Ceiling fans, like any equipment with moving components, need the appropriate lubrication in order to function correctly. According to Flush Mount Ceiling Fans, some of the more recent fan types are self-lubricating and don’t need any care on your part, while other versions require fresh oil to be poured once per year.

Is it possible to spray WD-40 on the ceiling fan?

Because it is not an effective lubricant, it is not recommended to use WD-40 to grease the bearings of a ceiling fan. The primary functions of WD-40 are those of a solvent and rust remover.

If you put it on a ceiling fan, it could quiet it for a little time, but it will dry out quickly and lead to additional issues if you do so.


Ceiling fans are a great way to keep your home cool in the summer, but they can be annoying when they start humming. If you have a ceiling fan that’s been driving you crazy with its noise, there are several things you can do to stop it from humming.

We’ve put together a list of tips that should help you fix the problem and get your ceiling fan back to working quietly and efficiently.

Have any other tips to share? Let us know in the comments!

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