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How to make ceiling fan led light brighter? Should the ceiling fan lights be replaced with a lamp

With power-related products such as lights, there will be times when it will be dimmed. This not really good operation will make you uncomfortable when you need light. The lamp of the ceiling fan is the same, there will be times when you have to replace it because it has been gone. But before you buy a new lamp, try the instructions below. Toby Nwazor will be sharing on how to make ceiling fan led light brighter and commenting on should the ceiling fan lights be replaced with a lamp.

Introduce about the ceiling fan led light

Ceiling fan led light are known as ceiling fans combined with lights to create a breakthrough product with many features. Such as cooling, lighting, creating accents in space, undeniably today’s brands. It is actively creating and innovating fan lines to meet the needs of consumers. Back to the main topic, what is a ceiling fan ceiling fan led light , is the structure and installation different from a normal ceiling fan, immediately refer to the article below.

Find out what is a ceiling fan led light

Ceiling fan lights are one of the 2-in-1 products with a combination of ceiling fans and decorative lights right below, in addition to cooling, ceiling fans are also considered decorative items that bring new and unique features. For space, this is a great combination of wind light, they also work as the perfect decoration for the space.

With a compact design, suitable for small spaces, the propeller uses high-quality materials, with a quiet and vibration-free motor, so it is safe for users, especially, with some models. New feature designed fan.

Advantages of buying a ceiling fan led light

Integrating many features in the same product: ceiling fans are designed to integrate with lighting and cooling capabilities in the same product, and customize the wind direction to different winter and summer modes.

Saving installation space

At the same location, instead of you installing 2 cooling devices (tree fan, air conditioner fan) but now with only 1 ceiling fan you have 2 purposes. From there, the space is saved to the maximum, contributing to a more airy and harmonious space

Energy saving

Most decorative ceiling fans use modern technology led bulbs that consume less power than other lights, and the led bulbs are also flexibly adjusted to 3 projection levels. Light is: White, yellow light…

best ceiling fan remote control kit
How to make ceiling fan led light brighter?

Ceiling fans with wooden blades

There are one of the most popular beautiful ceiling fans today, they are made from high-quality natural wood that has been treated, so they ensure the durability of the lights, absolutely no harm. The termite condition affects the durability of the lamp over time

Ceiling fan with field lights

This made from high-quality copper material, the feature of this material is good durability over time, bringing elegance and class to the space used.

Ceiling fan led with chandelier

This one of many high-end ceiling fans that are popular with customers today, with the advantages of this ceiling fan model being high-quality crystal material, using metal frames. definitely avoid many harmful effects from the environment combined with the carefully cut crystal beads to bring a shimmering, luxurious light in the lighted room.

How to make ceiling fan led light brighter? 

Why is the ceiling fan light dim?

Usually, there is an activity involved, like turning on the heating or the microwave, but occasionally, all the lights in the home flicker or dim for no apparent cause. This is dependent on the bulb you are using in some cases and your home’s wiring in others.

The light of old age

Bulbs and lights fade over time; that’s the effect of age and is what the “hours of use” tag on the bulb is really talking about. When a bulb says it has a lifespan of 2,000 hours, the bulb won’t emit as much light as before. As light bulbs age, different components fail at different rates. The filaments may become brittle and the light may flicker or dim intermittently. Replace the bulb and the problem will be fixed.

Defective ballast

The other issues you’ll encounter are of an electrical sort. We strongly advise engaging a certified electrician for any electrical repairs, even though some, like broken ballasts, may be fixed by the majority of people. The voltage or current flow to the light fixture is controlled by the electric ballast. The ballast keeps the bulb at the proper voltage and frequency by feeding it the proper amount of power. This rule might not be correct as the ballast ages. The amount of voltage or current delivered may rise or fall, making the bulb overly bright or dull and occasionally beep. Your ballast may be readily replaced by a qualified electrician, or you can read the ballast’s label to purchase a replacement.

How to make ceiling fan led light brighter?

How to make ceiling fan led light brighter?

Heat up

The simplest and easiest solution is to wait for the lights to heat up; this only applies to older lights. As the lights get warmer, they become much brighter until maximum brightness is reached.


If your ceiling fan lights are always perfect but suddenly dim, you may need to replace them. 

Resize the room

If you have one ceiling fan light in a room that can easily accommodate more than 20 people, no bulb replacement is required. You have to place more lights, usually lamps, throughout the room to create more overall light.

Add more lights

A more permanent solution to your lighting problem would be to add more ceiling lights to your room. These can be pendant lights or recessed lights that will significantly increase the overall light spread throughout the room.

If you are using energy-efficient fluorescent bulbs in your ceiling fan, you must ensure that you are giving the bulbs enough time to “warm up” to their maximum brightness.

Check the wattage limit on the ceiling fan bulb

The standard wattage limit for ceiling fan lights is 190W, as this is the standard the power unit has made for all outlet lights. Modern lights are not like the older incandescent bulbs that everyone can use, which require different setups and times to become useful.

This limitation has spread worldwide because it is easier for manufacturers to use the same ingredients across all of their products. Ceiling fan lights have special housings, usually plastic and glass, that may not handle the heat generated by higher wattage lamps. If you want to increase the wattage of the lamp, it is safer to purchase a lamp case specifically made for higher wattage bulbs.

Should the ceiling fan lights be replaced with a lamp?

How to make ceiling fan led light brighter?

The benefits of ceiling fan led lights.

Good for health

Because the ceiling fan’s breeze is dispersed evenly across the room, it has the same health benefits as natural wind. The wind produced by the ceiling fan is significantly more beneficial than the wind produced by other cooling equipment.

Energy saving

The majority of high-end ceiling fan models on the market now prioritize energy efficiency, according to makers. Modern motors with remarkable features and significant energy-saving capabilities are used by the majority of ceiling fans nowadays. Only a filament light bulb’s worth of electricity is used by a ceiling fan with lights that runs on a DC motor. Many renowned ceiling fan brands employ DC motors, which are a contemporary type of motor. Your household may reduce their monthly power costs by 30 to 40 percent by using a DC motor ceiling fan.


Ceiling fans with wide wingspan have a very large cooling area, ceiling fans when installed in the middle of the room can cool the whole room with an area of ​​15 to 20 square meters. Your family only needs a ceiling fan installed in the middle of the room to cool the whole room without the need for many entangled tree fans. Just like the ceiling fan, the air conditioner fan is also capable of cooling a large area, but the room must be airtight, the ceiling fan is not necessarily a closed room.

Product life

The most important thing about a ceiling fan led light product is the motor of the product. It needs to always be quiet, run smoothly to be able to use it for a long time.


In addition to the cooling function, the ceiling fan also acts as a very beautiful decoration. Customers can choose more types of led fans, chandeliers, or ordinary decorative ceiling fan lights for decoration.

Convenience to use

You can easily change the direction of the fan, air flow and more with the remote control panel. The application of technology to products makes led ceiling fans popular.

Bring light

Modern fans are now equipped with very luxurious and modern lighting. Ceiling fans with LED lights both save space and help customers save electricity.

Should the ceiling fan lights be replaced with a lamp?

Use both at the same time

With such benefits, instead of using only one of the two, try combining with a ceiling fan for more comfort.

With feng shui meaning

Different types of space will be suitable for different types of decorative chandeliers, but the common feature of this type of lamp is that they radiate positive and strong energy, helping to make the living room more prosperous, energetic and full of life.
Not only that, decorative chandeliers also help create harmony in relationships, which becomes even more meaningful when placing this product in the living room – a place to chat and connect many guests to the house. home.

Harmonious and balanced light

Not only acting as a decoration, decorative chandeliers are also a highlight in the house space because of the perfect light it brings. Any guest entering the room will be amazed by the beauty of the many layers of light combined, the interweaving of wall colors, furniture and different brightness levels of decorative chandeliers.

Optimal energy saving

All kinds of cheap modern decorative chandeliers use super durable led bulbs. As you all know, this is a lamp with a long lifespan, energy saving and stable and harmonious light. Many types of decorative chandeliers also have 2-3 light modes, comfortable for users to adjust to their liking.

Safe to use, environmentally friendly

With a safe power system, harmonious natural light quality, decorative chandeliers in the living room can prevent glare, eye fatigue, reduce the risk of refractive errors and are extremely environmentally friendly. In particular, this type of lamp can be cleaned easily and conveniently without taking much time. You can enjoy your living space to the fullest with decorative chandeliers today.

Some modern ceiling fans can be used with lights

DC motor lamp ceiling fan

Unlike conventional ceiling fans, AC ceiling fans use alternating current to create a rotating magnetic field. Design with built-in permanent magnet DC motor lamp. Therefore they use 3 to 5 times less electricity. DC motors capable of running standard alternating current have been around for a long time, so quality is guaranteed for users.

AC motor lamp ceiling fan

Modern design design, variety of designs for you to choose from. These are the advantages of AC motor light ceiling fans. The cost to own a ceiling fan with lights with an AC motor is 1-2 million cheaper than other DC motor ceiling fans. But when using AC directly to operate the motor, the fan model has an AC motor, which has the limitation that it consumes more electricity than the DC fan. This design should lead to their capacity.

High quality ceiling fan

The vivid colors and textural body of these high-end fans are a typical characteristic, making them highly fashionable and eye-catching. In addition, the old design and colors paired with the imitation antique paint give the product a nostalgic appearance that fits well with neoclassical architecture.

Flap ceiling fan

The retractable blade, swinging light, and concealed light are some additional names for the fan, which is made of transparent, tough acrylic plastic. includes shrewd and clean designs. When you use a fan and operate it, the blades may expand out before closing again. This exhibits excellent design ingenuity. Additionally, the substantial chandelier at the bottom is a crucial feature of this product range.

Why should you use ceiling fan led light to decorate?

Decorative meaning

The ceiling fan is not only a cooling device, but also a modern fan that provides light. It is a home decoration accessory, combined with extremely convenient lights and fans.

Ceiling fans are used in every space in the interior of the house, especially often used in the living room. This is a popular fan line because it integrates many different functions, models are also more diverse and richer than traditional ceiling fans, customers have more options, more suitable for your home.

Types of bulbs can replace led bulbs on ceiling fans light.

Although led are already a modern light, sometimes they won’t be suitable. You can try replacing them with the following lamps.


Incandescent lights should be turned off whenever not needed, as they are the least efficient type of lighting. 90% of the energy they use is given off as heat and only about 10% produces light. Turning the lights off will also help keep the room cooler, an added benefit in the summer.

CFL – Automatic Lighting

If you will be out of the room for 15 minutes or less, the lights will stay on. If you will be out of the room for more than 15 minutes, turn it off. The automatic shutdown will help the operating life of the CFLs which is more affected by the number of times they are turned on and off.

Halogen Lights

While halogens are more efficient than traditional incandescent bulbs, they use the same technology and are much less efficient than CFLs and leds. So the best way is to turn off these lights whenever not needed.

F.A.Q: How to make ceiling fan led light brighter?

What distinguishes an led ceiling fan from a standard ceiling fan?

You may select between ceiling fans with ornamental lights and ceiling fans with led lights based on your family’s demands.

Is indirect illumination possible to use? 

You absolutely can. Instead of using fixed ceiling lights, we design indirect lighting to create interest and ceiling fans do not need to be repaired. In addition, this light will eliminate shadows near the ceiling, the coherent mix of focused and scattered light will create the impression of a more spacious, airy room.

If the led bulb burns out, is it possible to take it off the ceiling fan?

You can completely remove it to change the bulb. However, before technical intervention, you should be prepared and keep the notes in mind.

Should additional lights or installed in the ceiling fan to increase the light?

You should use more lights outside instead of adding weight to the ceiling fan. LED bulbs are already very heavy, adding a light bulb to add brightness can also cause the ceiling fan to fall.


Because of the sort of light your ceiling fan needs to heat up and get brighter over time, the lights are typically modest. If the light from your ceiling fan is constantly weak, you should upgrade to LED lighting or add additional lighting to the space.

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