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How to fix the Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote control that won’t turn off the light. Tips for resetting ceiling fan remotes

You’re trying to go to sleep, but the light from the ceiling fan keeps you awake. The remote for your ceiling fan is great until it stops working and you have to get out of bed to turn off the lights. It is obvious that when it breaks it will need to be fixed. Don’t worry, on the website, Toby Nwazor has an article on how to fix the Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote control that won’t turn off the light. Also, we will give you tips for resetting ceiling fan remotes. 

General introduction of ceiling fan remote control

Overview of the ceiling fan’s remote control

Remote control often referred to as remote is a remote control. With modern electronic devices, this is an indispensable part. Using the remote control will help ceiling fan users change the wind direction, wind level, turn on and off the lights,… within a certain distance without needing to switch.

In the past, most remotes used infrared to control devices. However, through the process of research and improvement, the current remote is capable of voice control, Bluetooth and motion sensor.

General structure of ceiling fan remote

Currently, there are two types of smart remotes that are commonly used, which are infrared (IR) remotes and radio remotes.

Infrared remote control

Remote using infrared is designed with basic parts including: buttons, integrated circuit board, contact buttons and LED lights. Basically, infrared control works when using infrared light of an electromagnetic spectrum to transmit a signal to the receiver.

Accordingly, the Remote acts as a signal transmitter and when needed, it will emit infrared light pulses containing binary codes transmitted to the receiver. When pressing the button on the remote’s surface, it will touch the contact knob below.

The integrated circuit below will receive and detect the correct circuit for each click. Then the integrated circuit will perform the task of sending the signal to the ceiling fan.

Radio wave remote

Currently, very few ceiling fan controls have radio waves. Remote using radio waves also has the same operating principle as remote using infrared rays. However, radio remotes work by transmitting binary codes over radio waves.

In infrared control, binary code transmission is performed through infrared light transmission. Remote radio waves can be used at a distance of up to 30 meters, so it is often used more for door control, automatic gates, and folding doors.

Working principle of ceiling fan remote control

Infrared rays from the remote emit light pulses containing commands to control. From there, the ceiling fan collects those light pulses and decodes the transmitted binary. After decoding, the microprocessor acts on the command just received.

Why should you install a remote controller for the ceiling fan?

Many ceiling fans today are equipped with a remote control that allows users to simply sit in place to easily adjust the functions without having to move closer to the fan. Particularly for normal fans that are not available or have damaged remote controls in the family, it is no longer difficult to equip additional remote controls for more convenience during use.

Hampton Bay remote control for ceiling fan

Hampton Bay is one of the world’s first airline and comes in a wide range of models. Today, ceiling fan users are still quite popular and prefer to use its products.

Instructions for installing the remote controller ceiling fan

To install a remote controller for the fan, you first need to buy the controller board and the fan remote. These circuit boards have a separate infrared eye, which can be extended to the outside for easier control. Besides, the wiring pins use screws, no need for a soldering iron like the old version, users can easily buy at electrical stores, electrical components and install at home.

Outstanding advantages of Hampton Bay remote control ceiling fan

There are many functions

Normally, the gearbox ceiling fan is only confined to the functions of changing the wind level, but it is different for the ceiling fan with remote control. It has additional functions such as a temperature sensor to automatically adjust the wind level based on the room temperature.

New beautiful and luxurious design

With a variety of colors, the remote control ceiling fan is very suitable for many spaces with luxurious design, contributing to increasing the aesthetic value of the space.

Convenient, easy to use

The remote control system is very easy to use, just a few simple steps you have successfully activated the kitchen. Users do not need to move, no matter where in the room, they can still adjust the fan’s functions.

Timer function

Many ceiling fan models have a remote control system with a timer function to help users feel more secure, not worrying about falling asleep or going out but forgetting to turn off the fan.

No need for control box

Unlike using a gearbox ceiling fan with a great risk of electric leakage, a controlled ceiling fan will help you feel secure when using it, avoiding electric shock.


Remote control ceiling fans are mostly imported fan models, so the quality is very good. Therefore, it has a long service life and a long service life.

Installation for many spaces

This ceiling fan can be installed in many different spaces: apartments, hospitals, schools,…

Remote control structure for ceiling fan

Each universal air conditioner remote has the same universal control code as other air conditioners.

  • POWER: Has the function of turning on or off the power of the ceiling fan.
  • MODE: Select a mode to adjust the ceiling fan modes.
  • TEMP: To adjust the temperature and set the time for the ceiling fan (if any).
  • FAN: Cools the air in the room and turns on the ceiling fan’s air conditioner function, making the air cooler.
  • SWING: Has the function of adjusting the wind direction in accordance with the location you want to cool.
  • FIX: Adjust the appropriate blower types.
  • ON: Set the time to turn on the air conditioner.
  • OFF: Set the time to turn on/off the machine through the ON/OFF button.
  • SET: Set the initial settings.
  • CLR: Delete the newly installed mode.
  • RESET: Has the function to adjust the machine settings to default.
  • Hi-POWER: Has the function of controlling room temperature and airflow for fast cooling.
  • POWER-SEL: Has the function of limiting the maximum power consumption.
  • QUIET: Has a silent function for ultra-low fan mode, quiet operation.
  • COMFORT SLEEP: Has the function of controlling the airflow and automatically shutting down.
  • FILTER: Has filter reset function.
  • ONE-TOUCH: There is a function that allows automatic operation.

How to fix the Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote control that won’t turn off the light

How to fix the Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote control that won’t turn off the light.

Reasons for the remote control of the Hampton Bay ceiling fan is broken

When you are using, a button or a button area on the remote naturally no longer has a signal, or worse, the remote can no longer control the ceiling fan. This is a sign that your ceiling fan remote has a problem.

Here are some causes of ceiling fan remote no signal or damage:

  • The battery is dead or the battery is damaged.
  • Because the ceiling fan remote buttons are pressed hard and many times, the buttons are broken
  • Due to the error of the eye receiving the signal on the ceiling fan remote.
  • Because the printed circuit of the remote is faulty.

Hampton Bay has many models of ceiling fans and lights, so many remote controls have encountered an error that cannot turn off or on the lights. Sometimes, you accidentally sit on the remote or because you let the ceiling fan control for too long, dirt and dust cling to it, making it impossible to interact with the control anymore.

Below is a guide to help you fix the ceiling fan remote control’s no-light error.

How to fix the Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote control that won’t turn off the light

Step 1

Remove the battery from the ceiling fan remote before starting the repair.

Step 2

Use a screwdriver to remove the screws of the remote, but be careful not to lose the screws of the remote. Before completely removing the 2 pieces of the remote, you should take a picture to know the exact location of each detail in the remote, to avoid confusion when reinstalling the remote.

Step 3

Separate the 2 pieces of the remote and you will see the rubber buttons on the remote or individual rubber buttons. You clean the rubber buttons by soaking them in warm water or dishwashing liquid. Then dry it in the shade or in a well-ventilated place.

Step 4

You use conductive paint to repaint on the inside of the rubber buttons (where it comes into contact with the remote circuit board), after 24 hours the paint will dry, but it may take 72 hours to see the effect that the remote works normally.

Step 5

Use a cotton swab to gently wipe away the dirt on the remote’s circuit board.

Step 6

Finally, you will carefully reassemble the ceiling fan remote exactly as it was originally, and check for the last time whether the remote works or not. If the answer is no, then you should contact an electronic repair shop to have it checked or maybe buy a new remote.

Tips for resetting ceiling fan remotes

Tips for resetting ceiling fan remotes

Some common errors with ceiling fan remote control

Slow response signal

With this error you will have many different ways to fix it, you can one by one:

  • You should remove some obstacles, bring the remote closer to the ceiling fan.
  • Remove and install the battery to the correct negative and positive terminals.
  • Restore the original settings.

Not receiving signal from remote

The reason that the ceiling fan does not receive the signal of the remote has many reasons such as: broken remote control, running out of battery, damaged infrared signal line and some other reasons. For this error, you also have many ways to fix it:

  • Check the battery replace the battery.
  • Clean signal lights.
  • Check the infrared signal transmission.

Button not working

When you press the button on the remote, there is no response from the the ceiling fan during the control process. If after performing the above steps, the ceiling fan remote button still does not work, please call the service center to help you.

Remote ran out of battery

First of all to make sure your remote has run out of battery or not, you should check first to see if your ceiling fan is loose or not? If the remote is loose or the battery is dead, remove the battery and install the correct negative and positive poles of the battery.

Errors not connecting to the controller due to the ceiling fan

The remote control electric fan is increasingly covering every home at a rapid rate because of its usefulness and multitasking. But after a period of use, the fan may be faulty and damaged. To save repair costs, you must know these common errors and simple ways to fix remote control fans.

Basic common mistakes

First, let’s go through all the most common basic errors in remote control fans and how to fix them quickly. See if your electric fan is having one of these problems!

The fan runs for a while and then stops:

Is the expression when the fan works, every time it runs for a while, it breaks (about 2-3 minutes), the error is in the input capacitor, now just buy a similar capacitor and replace the old one. . Controller is faulty.

This is probably the most common problem with remote control fans. It could be that the chip is broken or it could be that the circuit is broken. Please check the circuit from the on/off button to the control pin, if the circuit is not damaged, the chip is most likely damaged, need to change a new controller. If some of the buttons on the remote are paralyzed, you have to remove them to check if the buttons are stuck.

Broken power cord

When you have plugged in and started the fan, but it doesn’t work, it’s possible that the power cord is damaged and broken somewhere. You need to check and reconnect the power line, it would be better to buy a new one to replace the fan.

In addition, you should choose to buy good quality wire and have a protective conduit from rodent attack.

Tips for resetting ceiling fan remotes

Notes with ceiling fan remote control

  • Priority should be given to the center of the room to install the kitchen, to ensure the cooling performance of the fan covers the entire room.
  • Do not install or repair the fan yourself if you do not have a lot of knowledge about this type of fan.
  • In the event that the remote does not work, the user should check whether the battery or the inside of the remote is damaged. If so, find a fix right away.
  • If the ceiling fan is not in use, turn off the fan to save energy optimally.
  • The ceiling fan should be cleaned regularly. When cleaning, turn off the power to ensure safety. Cleaning should use a soft cloth and suitable cleaning solution.

F.A.Q: How to fix the Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote control that won’t turn off the light

How many blades should I use with a remote control ceiling fan?

You can use any type of ceiling fan, no matter the shape, number of blades and ceiling fan length. You should choose high quality remote controls to match the value of the fan. For example, the Hampton Bay ceiling fan remote control.

How to reset Hampton Bay remote without reset button?

Turn the unit off first, then back on, and within 30 seconds of turning it on, press and hold the fan button for 10 seconds. This will restore it. However, if that doesn’t work, you may need to synchronize the fan sensor with the remote.

Can the phone be used as a replacement for the remote control? 

In case there is no other way to turn off or turn on the ceiling fan when there is a problem with the control, you can use control applications that can be installed on mobile phones. However, your phone must be equipped with infrared rays to control the air conditioner remotely without using the remote anymore. 

If your phone is equipped with an infrared eye, you can download and pre-install the following applications when you need them. You should only use the application in case of reluctance, it is still best to fix or buy a new remote. Because this way will make the ceiling fan and air conditioner fail faster.

Can I use a different manufacturer to control the ceiling fan?

You can completely use other controls to adjust, turn on and off the ceiling fan when the control is broken. However, because each manufacturer will default to different power sources, capacitors and configurations. You should repair and find the remote control as soon as possible, to avoid damaging the ceiling fan.


Above is information related to Hampton Bay remote control ceiling fan, how to repair it and other types of controls. Hope the article has brought you interesting information.

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