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Feng shui ceiling fans in the bedroom and some myths

Since ancient times, according to feng shui ceiling fan in the bedroom can affect the sleep and health of the homeowner. Sometimes can’t sleep at night and don’t know why, they also assume the ceiling fan is causing your restless nights. In fact, ceiling fans can still match feng shui in the bedroom when you know how to properly position and coordinate with the house. They not only help circulate air, keeping you cool, but also promote the flow of positive energy in the room. Toby Nwazor and website shows you how to use a ceiling fan in a safe bedroom, feng shui bedroom to help create a warm sleeping environment. In addition, below are also some myths and misconceptions about bedroom feng shui when installing a ceiling fan that should be changed.

Is it good or bad to install a ceiling fan in the bedroom?

Considered good feng shui

According to some experts, besides the air conditioner, the ceiling fan in the bedroom helps to keep the air in the room fresher. You can open both devices at the same time to prevent skin dryness and breathe. In addition, a ceiling fan that is suitable for the space will generate moving energy in its circular motion and improve air circulation. Especially, with small apartments, small space if adding a tree fan will take up more space. A ceiling fan will help save space with one less thing on the floor creating clutter in the room, especially in smaller spaces.

Why does the ceiling fan in the bedroom have bad feng shui?

From time immemorial there are many reasons to explain this question. Taken together, it is thought that ceiling fans directly overhead can be stressful and stressful for those sleeping below. If you have a ceiling fan with a low height, it will make the viewer feel stuffy and unsafe. According to the concept of feng shui, about the relationship between boys and girls, the winds created by overhead ceiling fans can cut off and negatively affect them when they are having sex.

Besides, many people think that it will make people resting in the room easily fall into a feeling of fatigue, insecurity, affected sleep quality, make human nerves unstable, easy to fall into a state of headache, fatigue… Indeed, for people with weak health, or with headaches, ceiling fans should not be used because of adverse effects on health, can cause colds and flu.

Feng shui rules for ceiling fans in the bedroom

Because the wind characteristics of the ceiling fan is from top to bottom, in terms of the atmosphere is very strong, so when installing the fan you need to make sure right below the fan is not where people often sit or lie. If under the ceiling fan is a bed, human health is seriously damaged, and the spirit is also greatly affected.

In addition, from a safety perspective, a fan that is too low can be detrimental to people’s travel and activities, especially for people who are taller than others. The wind from the ceiling fan tends to blow evenly around, so it is easier to lose the owner’s fortune. Therefore, it is still recommended that you limit the use of this type of fan, replacing it with a standing fan will reduce the impact on fortune.

feng shui bedroom with ceiling fan

Some notes on feng shui when installing a ceiling fan

According to the five elements azimuth in feng shui, there are a lot of parameters to install a product so that exactly feng shui, but here we will talk about the most common basic features, that is, you should pay attention to 4 positions. Main is divided as follows:

  • The position in front (Zhūquè), destiny of Fire, usually points to the South
  • The position behind (Xuánwǔ), Destiny, usually points to the North
  • The position on the left (Azure Dragon), the destiny of the Wood, belongs to Jupiter, usually pointing to the East
  • The right position (White Tiger), destiny Kim, usually points to the West

According to feng shui experts, the Azure Dragon is considered a spirit animal that brings good luck, the owner of good fortune. Therefore, the ceiling fan should be installed in the Azure Dragon position so that the sand from this azimuth is “blown out” and dispersed by the fan, affecting the whole room, making the people in the house always have good luck, even if there is a problem. Difficulties are often helped by noble people.
On the contrary, the White Tiger belongs to the beast, which implies bringing disaster to people, the owner of the petty person. If you install the fan right at the position of the White Tiger, it will cause bad air to move around the room, making it easy for members to have bad luck and be easily jealous and harmed by small people.

When installing the ceiling, it should be installed in the left position, also known as Azure Dragon, so that the sand from this direction is “blown out” by the fan to help people in the house always have good things, have a gentleman to help when in trouble. Because Azure Dragon often brings good luck.

Some other notes when installing a ceiling fan in the bedroom

Avoid food and make-up

If you install a ceiling fan here, you should pay more attention to the problem that the wind from the fan can blow dirt and bacteria on the items, when you eat, drink or make up, it will accidentally introduce the source of disease into the body. Thus, for a long time affects your health and disturbs the gas field around you.

Do not place the ceiling fan facing the door

If the fan is installed in the position directly opposite the main door of the bedroom, it will make the room unable to “hide the wind”, not only making it difficult for the owner to keep his fortune, but also easy to be troubled because of the waste of money and human energy. difficult to complete, everything has obstacles.

Do not let the wind straighten your head when lying down

It is best to choose a location to install the fan a little away from the bed and turn on the moderate cool mode.

How to install a ceiling fan in the bedroom for feng shui?

So how to install it to suit feng shui? In fact, each person has different opinions, you can have ways to position the ceiling fan as desired, but remember the notes below.

Use a ceiling fan with the right size for the bedroom area

You should not choose a fan with a large size that will not fit the space of the bedroom. Also do not choose a ceiling fan that is too small, it will lose balance in the room and not cool enough for your bedroom. A ceiling fan that is too loud will make your bedroom more precarious and cold.

Choose the right installation location for the ceiling fan

Selecting the location for the fan in a reasonable place will achieve high efficiency in the room, helping to increase the ability to optimally ventilate the room, especially will help you ensure the health of the bedroom Absolutely you need to avoid installing the fan on Bed, in this position is not good for your feng shui. Not only that, it is not safe to sleep anymore. A reasonable installation location for a ceiling fan is 2.7 to 3 meters from the floor.

Selection of ceiling fans with colors and designs suitable for the bedroom

Always remember, the bedroom is for sleeping, so it is necessary to prioritize the space for quiet to rest after tiring exercise. We should choose bladeless or lightweight ceiling fans to ensure smooth and safe running when operating with high productivity.
In addition to the color, we should choose a ceiling fan with a light color, so we should not choose an overly colorful ceiling fan that will make our sleep disturbed. Do not forget to choose fans with a bit of appropriate design that will make the bedroom warmer and more beautiful.

Myths about feng shui ceiling fans

The feng shui story of the ceiling fan has many different opinions and leads to many unfortunate misunderstandings about the feng shui of the ceiling fan. However, like most other household items, in terms of feng shui, ceiling fans are inherently neither good nor bad. What matters is how they are used and where they are located.

Many myths about feng shui ceiling fans

Myth 1: Ceiling fans should not appear in the bedroom

In traditional feng shui, you are only allowed to put one thing on your head when you sleep and that is the ceiling. However, this does not mean that you cannot mount them in the room. It just means, you shouldn’t mount them right on top of your bed.
This is because heavy objects should not be placed in your rest area, especially the head area. And this doesn’t just apply to ceiling fans. The same rule applies to wind chimes or some other hanging object. Heaviness means weight, which suppresses energy, which is why feng shui experts do not recommend installing heavy objects on the ceiling, right above your bed. So if you want to add a ceiling fan in your bedroom, try to place it away from the headboard.

Myth 2: The circular motion of a ceiling fan blows away good energy

According to the ancient concept of feng shui, the circular motion of the ceiling fan brings good things and good luck away. Today, it is said that on the contrary, those rotations have helped increase air circulation around the house, helping your home to be more positive energy. However, whether according to the concept of feng shui or not, you should not turn on too much wind on your head, in the bedroom just turning on a small step is enough.

Myth 3: Ceiling fan rotation makes positive energy downwards

The myth that ceiling fans create a downward spiral, thereby promoting positive energy down is only true if the ceiling fan is placed in a room without windows. This is because if the air has nowhere to go then the ceiling fan will force it to go in the only direction available, which is downward. Furthermore, it should also be recalled that the down-force of most ceiling fans, airs down if it is set to maximum wind speed.

So, to prevent ceiling fans from pushing energy downwards, you need to do four things below.

  • First of all: you need to choose a ceiling fan with a size suitable for the area of ​​​​the room, creating spaciousness.
  • Second: the room always has 2 doors to circulate the air in and out
  • Third: The speed of the ceiling fan is always gentle enough
  • Fourth: Choose a quiet ceiling fan that does not make noise while operating.

Myth 4: Ceiling fans create invisible pressure

This is true only if you install the ceiling fan in a room that is too low. It will feel unsafe to use. In contrast, ceiling fans installed in rooms with high ceilings tend to benefit the room. As it increases air circulation, rather than creating pressure. Therefore, if you have a lot of rooms with low ceilings, you should only use ceiling fans with light and deep wind speeds.

Myth 5: Ceiling fans cut energy

In feng shui, cutting or sawing makes people imagine sharp objects being placed right in front of people. A good example of this is not placing a ceiling fan directly in the doorway. Accordingly, this not only creates a real hazard to the body but also disrupts airflow & energy inlet.

The reason why ceiling fans are considered energy-sparing, is that some ceiling fans are often located in potentially hazardous areas. The same is true if the ceiling fan is old, damaged, or serves no real purpose. In such cases, a ceiling fan can be considered a potential risk. So, to avoid this from happening, you need to make sure that – Ceiling fans do not pose a danger to you or your family members. To do this, you’ll need to ask yourself some important questions:

  • Is the installation location suitable?
  • Is Ceiling Fan Installed Safely?
  • Is it in good working condition?
  • Does the room need it for ventilation?
  • Does it improve the air in the room?
  • Is both the material or the blade thickness safe?
  • If you answered yes to all of these questions then your ceiling fan is safe and will not be able to interfere with the Feng Shui of your home.

Myth 6: Ceiling fans with lights are bad for feng shui

Today there are many new modern ceiling fans, one of which is ceiling fans with lights. Feng shui believes that the light on the top of the head will illuminate all the luck and it practitioners often recommend adjusting the color of the light or having different levels of intensity. If the ceiling fan’s light is too bright and cannot be adjusted, it should be removed. On the other hand, if the light is relatively soft and suitable, they also increase the energy of the people in the house.

Also, if you want to use ceiling fan with light. Try not to install them in positions such as upright sitting or standing work, as these positions can harm the physical as well as the energy of the person sitting or standing below them.

F.A.Q: Feng shui ceiling fans in the bedroom

Should the bathroom in the bedroom be fitted with a ceiling fan?

When people learn about feng shui, many people often take care of everything about their bathroom. You can keep ceiling fan in the bathroom for ventilation, but do not leave the ceiling fan directly where you will shower to avoid getting sick.

How should the fan direction be?

In the article mentioned 4 directions of the bedroom with ceiling fan and you can refer to choose the right one. The best advice is to keep it in the east – west direction to help create a downward wind, creating a cool direct breeze in the summer. In contrast, in the winter, direct your fan to run in a north-south direction to create warm air around the room.

Can I install a ceiling fan above my desk in my room?

The best answer is to avoid straight down. Because when you turn on the fan, your papers can be blown away and sitting upright is not good for your health.

Should a ceiling fan light be installed in the bedroom?

Choosing a ceiling fan with lights for your bedroom is also a wise choice. It is not necessary to always turn on both, but integrating two in one will be a convenient advantage and bring comfort to your bedroom.


Hopefully, the above sharing about the concept of whether to leave a ceiling fan in the bedroom will help you get the answer. If you choose to install it, you should remember the above principles to still have a cool summer breeze and ensure your health.

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