ES6 ceiling fan review: Reviews Big Ass Fans es6 72in Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Hot weather. You’re tired. The sun is descending on you mercilessly. You have come to a porch to find shade, block the sun, but still can’t relieve the heat. The solution at this point is to need a ceiling fan to help circulate the air evenly. However, this way of cooling down is quite expensive if you cannot find a suitable product.

The Big Ass es6 72in indoor/outdoor ceiling fan is the perfect solution for all your cooling needs. The powerful fan is not only suitable for indoor spaces, but it is also designed to be installed in covered outdoor areas. With its sleek design, this fan will look great in any space.

In this post, Toby Nwazor will share “ES6 ceiling fan review: Big Ass Fans es6 72in Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan” and provide more related knowledge. Let’s find out together!

es6 ceiling fan review
es6 ceiling fan review


Specifications Big Ass Fans es6 72in Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan
Specifications Big Ass Fans es6 72in Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

ES6 ceiling fan review

Reviews Big Ass Fans es6 72in Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan
Reviews Big Ass Fans es6 72in Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan


  • 6 propellers and full accessories
  • 1 set of wires including connecting devices
  • 1 ceiling mount with full accessories
  • 1 full set of lights included
  • 1 ceiling fan motor
  • Included 7 inch downrod
  • Remote

Reviews Big Ass Fans es6 72in Ceiling Fan

Reviews Big Ass Fans es6 72in Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan
es6 ceiling fan review

Product Name: Big Ass Fans es6 72in Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Product Description: The es6 smart ceiling fan carries on the Big Ass Fans tradition of crafting exceptional airflow products by hand with premium materials and advanced technology. Two diameter and finish options are available for its modern, lightweight design that delivers smooth, stylish performance backed by the most stringent safety measures in the field. Airflow Efficient, quiet for year-round comfort and energy savings. Permanent magnet motor for durable, smooth performance. Big Ass Fans' es6 ceiling fan lets you experience groundbreaking engineering and cutting-edge technology. It is an ingenious combination of the award-winning design and function of the renowned Essence and i6 ceiling fans.

Brand: Big Ass Fans


  • Design
  • Noise levels
  • Setting
  • Reliability

Reviews by Toby Nwazor

Design style

The fan has a modern and beautiful design with glossy black color, bringing luxury and high class. The fan’s design is an inspired blend of the award-winning design and functionality of the popular Essence and i6 ceiling fans. Using es6, you’ll experience BAF’s groundbreaking engineering and cutting-edge technology in more space than ever before.

What makes me appreciate the quality of this fan so much is that it is handcrafted from premium materials and tested in a dedicated research lab. This is an outstanding advantage that many other ceiling fan brands cannot do.

The design of the fan has two main seasons, black and white, so you can choose to match the style of your home interior. Personally, I still prefer the black color, because it looks expensive, so today I will review you the black fan.

Size Big Ass Fans es6 72in Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

The Big Ass Fans es6 ceiling fan is just the right size to fit in almost any residential or commercial layout.

The 72-inch blade diameter can move enough air to keep rooms up to 25 feet by 25 feet comfortable all year long. Additionally, the fan also includes a 7-inch downrod for ceilings from 9 feet to 11 feet high.

Propeller review

Six black-finished aircraft-grade aluminum wings provide efficient and quiet airflow for year-round comfort. As far as tests go, the fan is rated below 35dBA

The six blades feature a slanted blade configuration that maximizes performance and efficiency while reducing drag.

In addition, the propeller can be reversed to help it operate in both summer and winter.

Regarding the quality of the propeller, you can be assured of its durability. I really appreciate the overall quality of this fan.

Ceiling fan holder

With high-quality materials, you can be assured of the stability and strength of the bracket. Also equipped with a Universal mount, this es6 fan is the ideal choice for spaces with flat or sloping ceilings (up to 34 degrees);

Controller Type Reviews

The Big Ass Fans es6 ceiling fan includes a Bluetooth anywhere remote with a magnetic wall mount or fixed mounting plate; Control special operating modes and set preferences with the mobile app; Hands-free with infrared motion sensor and voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant (Alexa and Google devices sold separately)

What I like most about the Big Ass Fans es6 ceiling fan is that it can be controlled with a Bluetooth remote. The included wall control also gives you the option to operate the fan without using a smart device.

Review of ceiling fan lights

Forget the days when you had to fumble in the dark to find the light switch. With the Big Ass es6 Fan, you can add an LED light kit (sold separately) for more convenience and energy savings.

I really like the functions of this fan bulb. With advanced features like variable color temperature and motion detection, the es6’s perfectly integrated optional LED lights illuminate your comfort in the best possible way.

There are two color temperatures and 16 brightness levels (2,700 and 4,000 K) and 1,770 lumens of LED output with an efficiency rating of 76.2 lumens per watt. Tools for mobile app control Auto mode and Dim to Warm capability

The luminaire is compatible with many Big Ass Fan and Hunter models, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your Big Ass Fans es6 ceiling fan.

Ceiling fan motor eficiency

The Big Ass Fans es6 ceiling fan includes a powerful and efficient power. This residential fan and commercial fan have undergone the same rigorous testing and safety attention that define Big Ass Fans large diameter industrial chains. I appreciate that the manufacturer has supported es6 with the most powerful safety features in the industry to ensure balanced operation is always safe and secure.

In particular, the fan is designed with a permanent magnet motor for durable, quiet operation.

In addition, the fan is designed with an Airfoil tilt limiter and anti-corrosion bearings.

Review of the price

With a fan with high quality that means its price is also high, the fan is currently priced at about $ 1799- $ 1899. However, if you compare the Big Ass Fans es6 72in Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan with other high-end powerful ceiling fans like the Honeywell 62″ Xerxes Ceiling Fan, it still has a pretty good price.

Over rating of Big Ass Fans es6 72in Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

From the above reviews, it can be seen that the Big Ass Fans es6 72in indoor / outdoor ceiling fan is a very high quality product. Almost every feature of the fan is highly appreciated and meets the needs of users.

The only thing I don’t like about this ceiling fan is the high price. However, when experiencing the convenience and class that the Big Ass Fans es6 72in indoor / outdoor ceiling fan brings, you will certainly feel that this is a very worthwhile product.

Overall, Big Ass Fans es6 72in Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan is still one of the best choices for those who are looking for indoor or outdoor ceiling fans for large areas.


  • Bluetooth remote
  • Powerful and efficient motor
  • Airfoil tilt limiter
  • Anti-corrosion bearings
  • Modern, beautiful design
  • Energy saving
  • High quality material
  • Create strong wind flow


  • More suitable for large areas.

To use ES6 72in Ceiling Fan, what do you need to do?

The Big Ass Fans es6 72in Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan is very easy to use. You can use the included wall control to operate the fan without using a smart device.

To control the fan with a smart device, you need to download the Big Ass Fans app and follow the instructions on the app.

In addition, you can also see the step-by-step instructions in the book or on the website of Big Ass Fans’ homepage.

Clean the ceiling fan in just 5 steps

Your ceiling fan may pick up dust and grime over time. You may clean your Big Ass Fans es6 72in Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan by following these cleaning tips:

1. At the circuit breaker, first turn off the electricity to your ceiling fan.

2. After that, climb a ladder to reach up and take the fan’s blades off.

3. Use a mild soap and water mixture to wash the blades.

4. Use a soft cloth to dry the blades once they have been cleaned.

5. Reattach the ceiling fan’s blades and restart the circuit breaker to complete the process.

Regular cleaning will ensure that your ceiling fan runs efficiently and lasts a long time.

Is Big Ass Fans es6 72in Ceiling Fan worth it?

I think it is a worthwhile product that you need to own. Overall, the fan does not have a drawback, in return, it brings many outstanding features with high quality.

Is es6 72in Ceiling Fan a good Big Ass Fans?

I have been sitting for many hours to choose this fan of the Big Ass Fans brand, so you can rest assured that this is a quality fan of this brand. Not only outstanding in design, design, color, but also outstanding in features and is a high-class product.

F.A.Q about “ES6 ceiling fan review”

Which company makes the top ceiling fan?

The Hunter Channing 54-Inch LED Ceiling Fan with Remote is our top choice due to its excellent balance of value and well-liked features. It contains a reversible motor and blades, as well as a remote control to regulate the speed and light.

The ideal ceiling fan blade count is how many?

The recommended number of fan blades for both indoor and outdoor ceiling fans is three. Nevertheless, while fans with four or five blades will effectively circulate the air, installation and overall performance factors like weight, noise, and power demand must also be taken into account.

Are ceiling fans that have more blades better?

Less blades on a fan means less dragon on the motor typically. This implies that it can move more air more quickly. More airflow and a better wind chill impact result as a result.

Are ceiling fans energy-intensive?

Are Fans a Big Energy User? A fan uses much less energy to operate than an air conditioner; tower fans use around 100 watts, and ceiling fans typically use between 15 and 90 watts.

What ceiling fan rpm is ideal?

Customers should examine the fans’ RPM before judging fan speed (Rotations per minute of the blades). The Hi-Speed fan rotates at about 380/390 RPM compared to the conventional 1200 mm (48) fan’s 300/350 RPM. A ceiling fan should ideally be placed 7-9 feet above the ground.


The 72in Big Ass Fans es6 is a great option for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a sleek design that will look great in any setting, and it’s built to last with a corrosion-resistant finish. Plus, it comes with a remote control so you can easily adjust the settings from anywhere in the room.

If you’re looking for an attractive and durable fan that can be used indoors or outdoors, the Big Ass Fans es6 is definitely worth considering. Moreover, you can consider some best ceiling fans with light at our website.

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