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Can I replace the ceiling fan with a light? Why should you use ceiling fan light to decorate?

Decorating a home is difficult because there are so many options. For example, depending on usage needs and preferences, deciding whether to use a ceiling fan or a light is an option. So why don’t you combine the two, using a ceiling fan? Toby Nwazor‘s article at will give reasons for replacing ceiling fans with lights. At the same time, give reasons of question why should use ceiling fan light to decorate. 

The benefits of ceiling fan and lights. 

Benefits of ceiling fan

Benefits of ceiling fan

Good for health

The wind of the ceiling fan produces the same value as the natural wind, they are distributed in all directions to help users feel very comfortable when using. In terms of wind generation alone, the wind generated by the ceiling fan is much more useful than the wind from other cooling devices.

Energy saving

Currently, the majority of high-end ceiling fan products, the ability to save energy, is always put on the top by manufacturers. Most ceiling fans today use the most modern motors with outstanding features along with high energy saving capabilities. A ceiling fan with lights using a DC motor uses only as much power as a filament light bulb. DC motor is a modern motor used by many famous ceiling fan brands. Using a DC motor ceiling fan will help your family save 30-40% of your monthly electricity bill.


Ceiling fans with wide wingspan have a very large cooling area, a ceiling fan when installed in the center of the room can cool a room with an area of ​​​​15 to 20 square meters. Your family only needs a ceiling fan installed in the middle of the room to cool the whole room without the need for many entangled tree fans. Like ceiling fans, air conditioners are also capable of cooling a large area, but the room must be closed, and the ceiling fan does not need to be a closed room.

Product life

The most important thing a ceiling fan product has is the product motor. With a good motor with anti-vibration, strong and smooth operation will bring high durability to the product.

Make decorative items

For a long time ignoring the ancient notions about ceiling fans when ceiling fans are only for cooling purposes, today, in addition to the function of cooling ceiling fans, it also works as a very beautiful decoration. Depending on the decorative needs of the homeowner, customers can choose an LED fan, chandelier, or conventional decorative light for decoration.

 Convenience to use

Modern products are now equipped with very advanced technology, so most of them are controlled by remote control which is very convenient. Adjusting the level of wind, fan direction or many other features, you just need to sit, lie down, stand from a distance, all of which can be controlled very conveniently.

Use as a lighting device

Modern fan lines are now equipped with very luxurious and modern lights. Most customers when buying a ceiling fan, the fan must both cool and illuminate to meet the requirements. This design both saves space and helps customers save electricity with this 2-in-1 product.

Advantages over ceiling fans of lights 

Benefits of lights.

About decorative lights

The decorative lighting market is very active today with the appearance of a series of lamp models with many different prices. The type of chandelier that decorates the living room is also quite diverse in types, designs, materials (such as bronze, porcelain, crystal, glass …). Depending on personal preferences and the dominant style of the house, homeowners can optionally choose the most suitable chandelier, reasonable price and durable warranty.

On the market today, there are many cheap decorative lights, which can be mentioned as:

  • Candle lights: suitable for classical or neoclassical style
  • Copper lamp: suitable for houses with antique style, deep wall color and simple furniture.
  • Led lights: diverse in background designs that are easy to combine with many spaces
  • Crystal lamp: suitable for hanging in a room with a modern and sophisticated direction.

The price segment of decorative lights is not too high, suitable for many customers. Many cheap models of chandeliers for living room decoration have been very popular with consumers because they are not only beautiful but also reasonably priced. This type of lamp is also the first choice of every homeowner when they want to decorate their living room more delicately, luxurious and classy.

Advantages of lights

The sophisticated and elegant chandeliers that decorate the living room represent the aesthetics of the property and the “play-ability” of the owner.  That is the main advantage of this product.

With feng shui meaning

Different types of space will be suitable for different types of decorative chandeliers, but the common feature of this type of lamp is that they radiate positive and strong energy, helping to make the living room more prosperous energetic and full of life.

Not only that, decorative chandeliers also help create harmony in relationships, which becomes even more meaningful when placing this product in the living room – a place to chat and connect many guests to the house. home.

Harmonious and balanced light

Not only acting as a decoration, decorative chandeliers are also a highlight in the house space because of the perfect light it brings. Any guest entering the room will be amazed by the beauty of the many layers of light combined, the interweaving of wall colors, furniture and different brightness levels of decorative chandeliers.

Optimal energy saving

All kinds of cheap modern decorative chandeliers use super durable LED bulbs. As you all know, this is a lamp with a long lifespan, energy saving and stable and harmonious light. Many types of decorative chandeliers also have 2-3 light modes, comfortable for users to adjust to their liking.

Safe to use, environmentally friendly

With a safe power system, harmonious natural light quality, decorative chandeliers in the living room can prevent glare, eye fatigue, reduce the risk of refractive errors and are extremely environmentally friendly. In particular, this type of lamp can be cleaned easily and conveniently without taking much time. You can enjoy your living space to the fullest with decorative chandeliers today.

Can I replace the ceiling fan with a light?

Use both ceiling fan and lights

Thus, after giving the advantages, you can see that each will have its own optimization. And best, you should use ceiling fan products. Thus, your usage needs have been integrated into two.

In case you don’t want to use the ceiling fan anymore, you can remove and install the light. In the summer when you need to use it, you can manually add lights to the fan. Your home also becomes more modern and trendy.

Some modern ceiling fans can be used with lights

DC motor lamp ceiling fan

Unlike conventional ceiling fans, AC ceiling fans use alternating current to create a rotating magnetic field. Design with built-in permanent magnet DC motor lamp. Therefore they use 3 to 5 times less electricity. DC motors capable of running standard alternating current have been around for a long time, so quality is guaranteed for users.

AC motor lamp ceiling fan

Modern design design, variety of designs for you to choose from. These are the advantages of AC motor light ceiling fans. The cost to own a ceiling fan with lights with an AC motor is 1-2 million cheaper than other DC motor ceiling fans. But when using AC directly to operate the motor, the fan model has an AC motor, which has the limitation that it consumes more electricity than the DC fan. This design should lead to their capacity.

High quality ceiling fan

In order to be put in the living room area, modern ceiling fans with upscale chandeliers frequently have a classic or semi-classical appearance. special locations including mansions, castles, French mansions, resorts, and hotels. The vivid colors and textural body of these high-end fans are a typical characteristic, making them highly fashionable and eye-catching. In addition, the old design and colors paired with the imitation antique paint give the product a nostalgic appearance that fits well with neoclassical architecture.

Flap ceiling fan

The retractable blade, swinging light, and concealed light are some additional names for the fan, which is made of transparent, tough acrylic plastic. includes shrewd and clean designs. When you use a fan and operate it, the blades may expand out before closing again. This exhibits excellent design ingenuity. Additionally, the substantial chandelier at the bottom is a crucial feature of this product range.

Why should you use ceiling fan light to decorate?

The ceiling fan is not only a cooling device, but also a modern fan that provides light. It is a home decoration accessory, combined with extremely convenient lights and fans.

Ceiling fans are used in every space in the interior of the house, especially often used in the living room. This is a popular fan line because it integrates many different functions, models are also more diverse and richer than traditional ceiling fans, customers have more options, more suitable for your home.

Advantages of ceiling fan light

Help lower the indoor ambient temperature, cool the space

Inheriting benefits from traditional ceiling fans, this is the biggest advantage of light ceiling fans. In hot weather, using a ceiling fan can help reduce the temperature in the room by 4-5 degrees, reducing the heat of summer.

This means that even a room without air conditioning will still be cooler, a room with a window will be cooler, a large room cooler, and a small room cooler. In general, having a ceiling fan is a savior for the hot summer sun.

Ceiling fan light help keep the environment warm

Many people do not know about the environmental warming effect of this ceiling fan. Its action cools the environment by pushing air downwards, creating a breeze, which warms your skin through water evaporation. But with cold weather days or in winter, the fan blade of the ceiling fan works by changing the direction of rotation of the fan.

This will cause the fan to pull the air upwards. The fan rotates consistently to let the warm air circulate and spread evenly across the space, creating a comfortable atmosphere for the room. When the humid air rises, the fan will draw the chilly air up and compress the warm air down.

Ceiling fan light helps to regulate the temperature

Ceiling fans help to cool and warm the room depending on the weather and the needs of the user. That means better air circulation in the room.

For hot days with air conditioning, or for rainy and windy days, a ceiling fan will help the air in the space circulate and remain more stable. From then, because the air in the area is constantly steady, cooling or heating units won’t need to be turned on and off as frequently or work as hard.

Ceiling fan light can be used outdoors

Ceiling fans can be used indoors and outdoors. That is the only way you can use to reduce the temperature in outside spaces such as: Corridor, bathroom grill, outdoor kitchen, .. similar to how they work indoors, ceiling fans can help. Air circulation to cool the skin and help repel outdoor insects.

Ceiling fan light with eye-catching design

Increasing the aesthetics of the space and built-in ceiling fans and decorative lights make the space very beautiful and perfect. You can use ceiling fans in combination with lights everywhere. During the day, use ceiling fans to circulate air. Every night, the lights emitted from the ceiling fan will bring a new feeling.

2-in-1 integration, bringing a luxurious, cost-effective accent because you can use the ceiling fan’s light as a night light or decorative light for your home space. This is an advantage of the lamp that is worth many times over, because it not only cools but can also increase the amount of light in your home.

Save space and cost

Instead of using separate fans or decorative lights, you can integrate the use of ceiling fans and lights. Using a ceiling fan with a light to help make the space more airy, a ceiling fan with a light is the optimal solution for you when it meets both factors of light and cooling function for the room.

Modern design with many optimal functions

Modern ceiling fans have several benefits over older models, including the following features: a variety of fan speeds, an automated timer, the ability to operate freely, the ability to modify the wind speed with ease,…

Ceiling fan light have many different lighting modes

Decorative lights integrated on ceiling fans often have different colors depending on the preferences and suitability in the space of the lights.

Disadvantages of ceiling fan light

Any product has its pros and cons, and the same goes for ceiling fans.

Dim light

The light is often constructed of glass or translucent plastic, with the effect of blocking light, spreading light, and minimizing glare. While gazing directly at the ceiling fan, whether it is a ceiling fan employing LED lights or a detachable bulb.

Ceiling fan light still makes noise

A ceiling fan, no matter how small, modern or well-balanced, will still make noise. The noise of the lamp emits less or more, but there will still be noise during use.

Ceiling fan light are difficult to clean

All types of ceiling fan in general, especially for ceiling fans in particular. There are difficult to clean, because the hanging position of the lights is high, so cleaning the lights is difficult. You need specialized tools and meticulous craftsmanship to keep the top and bottom of the fan clean.

In this case, you should do regular maintenance, you can contact the supplier. Or choice the maintenance parties, the period of periodic maintenance. It is advised to use a ceiling fan in a high location and to stay away from humid or very hot environments.

Not diverse in the number of propellers

This type of ceiling fan has a variety of brands. size and design, beautiful but in general there are only 3 types: 3-blade fan, 4-blade fan and 5-blade fan. Of course, with all types of fans, the more blades the fan has, the cooler it will be.

Replacing a Ceiling Fan-Light With a Regular Light Fixture

Replacing a Ceiling Fan-Light With a Regular Light Fixture
Replacing a Ceiling Fan-Light With a Regular Light Fixture

Tools & Materials -Screwdriver-Pliers-New light fixture (with ground wire) and mounting hardware -Wire strippers-Electrical tape turn off the power to the circuit at the fuse box or breaker panel.

Use a voltage tester to be certain the power is off before proceeding. Loosen the set screw in the center of the canopy and remove the canopy.

Untwist the wires and remove the wire nuts. Carefully pull the wires through the opening in the center of the mounting bracket.Remove the screws holding the mounting bracket to the ceiling box and lower the unit.

Remove any remaining parts of the old light fixture, including the glass globe or shades. Clean the ceiling box of any debris. If the box is damaged, replace it with a new one.

Can I Install a Ceiling Fan Where a Light Fixture is Now?

Can I Install a Ceiling Fan Where a Light Fixture is Now
Can I Install a Ceiling Fan Where a Light Fixture is Now

Most ceiling fans today come with a light kit included, but there are still many older models that do not. If you have an older ceiling fan that needs a light or if you simply want to add one to create more lighting in the room, it is possible to do so even if there is already a light fixture installed in the ceiling.

F.A.Q: Can I replace the ceiling fan with a light? 

Modern ceiling fan light.

Can the lamp be replaced other than a ceiling fan?

Box ceiling fans, swing-wing ceiling fans and bow-wing ceiling fans will be the types of fans you can use to replace lights. Of course, you can combine the two to add variety to your home.

What’s the difference between a normal ceiling fan and an LED ceiling fan?

Depending on the needs of your family, you can choose between ceiling fans with decorative lights or ceiling fans with led lights.

  • Ceiling fan with decorative lights: This fan is designed very luxuriously and delicately, is a beautiful decoration item in your home space. You can refer to some decorative ceiling fans with lights.
  • Decorative ceiling fan with led light: This fan line you just need to use the fan light. Which is enough to illuminate the whole room. The advantage of LED lights is that they are extremely durable and very energy efficient.

Can you give a ceiling fan as a gift?

A ceiling fan would be a thoughtful and opulent present option. Choose ceiling fans with affordable pricing and a variety of styles to give as gifts. Additionally, if you give a ceiling fan as a present, it will likely be put at your friend’s new house, your boss’s home, or your parents’ home.

Is it possible to disassemble the light if I don’t like the ceiling fan anymore?

There are many different types of lights available now. That may be utilized both independently and as part of a ceiling fan. For convenience, when buying lights, fans and ceiling fans, you should choose this product.


Hope the reasons explaining the question. So you can replace the ceiling fan with a light will help you to choose your choice. Don’t forget to try using ceiling fan products.

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